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Employee Engagement Professionals


We solve, elevate, and restore employee engagement issues. We help employees re-engage through sound personal growth programs.

We provide growth programs businesses can offer their employees which will resolve employee engagement and will capture what paychecks leave on the table beyond the economic motive and model, which is long outdated and irrelevant to today’s intelligent workforce.


To be your world-class employee engagement solution provider by offering effective growth programming of highest quality and value. 

Allowing you to eliminate productivity drains of disengaged employees, turnover costs, increase retention, happier employees, leadership pipeline enhancement, improved inter- and intra-team and departmental communication, elevated motivation, higher performing employees, achievement-oriented employees, mindset improvement, and human resource alignment

- all to yield higher productivity and better culture for greater profitability and delighted customers.

Recent Accomplishments

Empowerment Mentoring – Executive Team

Barry Bullard

Barry Bullard is an executive director with The John Maxwell Team and a highly sought-after strategist, mentor, speaker, and leadership development coach who helps executives, individuals, organizations navigate change and elevate the engagement of their employees.  He helps teams develop the ability to communicate, lead, and collaborate through change at a world class level so they can expand their business and achieve new results.

For over 30 years – in the US Air Force, at Sprint International, IBM, WorldCom, ConnectWise, and other organizations – Barry has grown, developed, and led teams to stellar results through communication and leadership and maximum employee engagement.

Dan Shea

Dan Shea is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with The John Maxwell Team who helps people and teams collaborate effectively, gain clarity around purpose, vision, and goals, and overcome any obstacles getting in the way of attaining maximum results.  Dan is the proud father of four children that keep him and his wife, Meg, delightfully busy, especially on weekends.

Top sales producer at numerous companies, including startups, Dan has always led with innovation and results, lifting all others up along the way.  Leading by example, he has influenced, developed, and grown staff and management in sales, operations, and leadership to re-engineer ineffective processes and to reach new levels of achievement.  Always challenging status-quo, Dan’s fresh thinking stimulates new results.


GrowEngaged brings to your business the credibility, resources, and experience of the leading and highest rated leadership, growth, and development authority in the world, John C. Maxwell, author of over 125 works on leadership and growth including The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.


Helping Your Employees & Business Grow

Listen below to find out how GrowEngaged can help your employees and company grow.

Powerfully Impact The Bottom Line

Employers who provide opportunity for employees to grow authentically, create, attract, and retain loyal, happy, engaged employees that powerfully impact the bottom line.  Everyone from customers to vendors will notice the difference - the X factor. Your business will go from a place to get “just a job” to being one of the most desired places to work.

Want to be one of the Top 100 Places to Work in your City? We can help with that, too! GrowEngaged employers are world-famous!

We grow your only appreciable asset – your employees – while you reap the benefits of stabilized, motivated, engaged, happier, dedicated, enthusiastic, innovative, and loyal employees.

We capture what your payroll can't.

What are you leaving on the table?

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